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Delivering a Sustainable Vision For Business

Water Stewardship Ireland supports over 300 businesses from all industry sectors to collaborate, benchmark and share best practices at their facilities and across global supply chains.

About Us

Water Stewardship Ireland is an industry-led, collaborative network of leading businesses, agencies and international stakeholders.

Over the last number of years, the Water Stewardship Ireland team has worked with hundreds of leading organisations to drive better corporate water stewardship and help address this critical global challenge, collectively.

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Our Partners

Water Stewardship Ireland is supported by a range of industry bodies, state agencies, businesses and other stakeholders.

World Leading Academy

The Water Stewardship Ireland Academy offers businesses a comprehensive range of national support programmes and specialist water stewardship training:

Our Members

Water Stewardship Ireland provides a platform for global organisations and leaders to exchange new ideas and foster new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges of today:

Water Stewardship Showcase

Supporting members, state agencies and industry as they seek to advance their water stewardship practices, supports and impacts.

The Catchment Excellence Programme

The critical connection between addressing the global water crisis and addressing the climate emergency is unquestionable. Indeed, it is likely that we will feel the impact of climate change most profoundly through water– both in our businesses and in our daily lives.
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Water Stewardship Ireland Leading Industry Response to Address Water-Related Climate Risks

Collaborative network of businesses and environmental agencies unite to invest €5 million in best-practice initiatives for water usage
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ABP Food Group Water Stewardship Journey

ABP Food Group, headquartered in Ardee, Co. Louth, operates across four divisions throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.
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